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Join in with the Great British Bee Count 2017!

18th May 2017

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Great British Bee Count Free App

The Great British Bee Count starts tomorrow and runs from the 19th May to 30th June. Make sure you download the free app so you can help record the bees you spot!

Bees are really important, they pollinate a third of what we eat including many vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, cocoa beans, coffee and tea and plants such and sunflowers and rapeseed which we turn into oil. Even crops grown as fodder to feed livestock are pollinated by bees.

Put it simply, they’re not just important they play a vital part in sustaining all of our ecosystems.

Bees are dying off, in only 100 years the UK has lost 20 species of bee and a further 35 are in danger of extinction. The Great British Bee Count plays an integral role in finding out more about the dwindling bee population around the country.

If you want to take part, all you have to do is download the free app and count record the bees you see. It couldn’t be easier, and kind of fun too as there are little images of the different bee species for you to record, a great way to boost your bee knowledge. You can even take your little ones out on a bee spotting mission šŸ™‚

Last years bee count was 383,759. I wonder what number 2017 will bring?

Are you taking part in the bee count this year?

Jade x