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Join in with the Great British Bee Count 2017!

18th May 2017

Laser Cut Wooden Bumble Bee Earrings by Ginger Pickle


Great British Bee Count Free App

The Great British Bee Count starts tomorrow and runs from the 19th May to 30th June. Make sure you download the free app so you can help record the bees you spot!

Bees are really important, they pollinate a third of what we eat including many vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, cocoa beans, coffee and tea and plants such and sunflowers and rapeseed which we turn into oil. Even crops grown as fodder to feed livestock are pollinated by bees.

Put it simply, they’re not just important they play a vital part in sustaining all of our ecosystems.

Bees are dying off, in only 100 years the UK has lost 20 species of bee and a further 35 are in danger of extinction. The Great British Bee Count plays an integral role in finding out more about the dwindling bee population around the country.

If you want to take part, all you have to do is download the free app and count record the bees you see. It couldn’t be easier, and kind of fun too as there are little images of the different bee species for you to record, a great way to boost your bee knowledge. You can even take your little ones out on a bee spotting mission 🙂

Last years bee count was 383,759. I wonder what number 2017 will bring?

Are you taking part in the bee count this year?

Jade x


Hooray! Free Abstract ‘Hello’ Desktop Wallpaper…

28th March 2017
Free 'Hello' Desktop Wallpaper

Free 'Hello' Desktop WallpaperHello lovelies,

I hope you’re all doing fab this Tuesday, the sun has gone away which isn’t so good and I have a pile of work to get through. However, here is something to brighten up a dull day, I created this desktop wallpaper to bring some smiles on a Tuesday afternoon-Download it here!

Hope you love it, if you do please feel free to share it!

Lots of love,



Wild About…Black & Gold

21st March 2017
black and gold, monochrome, black, gold, home interiors, art prints, notebook, stationery, washi tape

I am currently loving black and gold at the moment! Having recently decorated my home office in a lovely muted soft grey colour with my light white-washed pine table and shelving, I thought the perfect accompanying colours where black and gold…cue my obsession!

Here is a collection of lovely monochrome and gold goodies which have tickled my fancy…what are you currently obsessed with?

1// Black and White Bamboo Basket-£15.00 The Forest & Co via

2// Carved Heart You + Me Candle-£25.00 Lily Belle

3// Giraffe Print-£25.00 Meraki Meraki via

4// Gold Foil Pineapples Washi Tape-£2.00 Unwrap Colour via Etsy

5// Monochrome Patterned Notebook-£4.00 CJDesignsPaper via Etsy

6// ‘But First Coffee’ Thermal Coffee Mug-ÂŁ15.00 Via Utility Design

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Hello// March Musings…

14th March 2017
ginger pickle, march, spring time, march already, 2017, recent musings, confetti, pastel colours, pastel colors, spring colors, spring colours

Hello lovelies,

Woweeee, March already, can’t quite believe it! I hope you are all having a brilliant start to 2017 and are enjoying this Spring weather (thank the heavens). 2017 for me hasn’t started off great with my Grampa passing and boyfriend going away for 6 months for work. Determined to keep the positive vibes strong though!

Also, apologies for the radio silence on the blog, if I am being honest it’s been a right old struggle making the time to post regularly, mainly due to the fact I am a one woman band and have to juggle lots of different things at once. Not to fear though, I have decided to actively make more effort in writing good content for my blog, as after all it’s fun to do and I have had a positive response from you lovely lot in the past with all your comments (thanks guys!).

Some musings as of late…

1//  Broadchurch is back. YAY! I’m sure “MillAR” isn’t too amused to be working alongside her grouchy partner in crime, but we all are!

broadchurch, itv, stv, david tennant,

2// I am really wanting to knuckle down and make some new art and possibly branch out with some new product launches. At the moment I am just trying to spend more time with pen to paper. ALTHOUGH, I am super keen to treat myself to an iPad Pro + Pen, I think my world would be turned upside down If I got one. This guy is insane! Should I, shouldn’t I? What’s your experience?

israseyd, graphic designer, graphic design, iPad pro, iPad pen,doodles, doodling, kawaii

3// Currently enjoying #marchmeetthemaker challenge over on Instagram, started by Joanne Hawker as a way of getting to know the person behind the brand and get a behind the scenes glimpse. You have to post a picture everyday according to a theme e.g ‘workspace’, ‘how it’s made’, ‘post/mail’. Here are some of my pictures below…

home workspace, workspace, home office, work from home, working from home hygge, trees, green trees, watercolour painting, gouache painting, nature painting, wildlife painting, artwork, art, home art, art painting

jewellery making, jewelry making, bee necklace, bumble bee necklace, laser cut jewellery, laser cut jewelry, jewellery tools, jewelry tools, making necklaces, how to make a necklace

So that’s it for now, but I need your help! What blog posts would you like to be reading on my blog??



40 Facts About Me

8th June 2016
40 Facts About Me

Hey lovelies, so my blog is quite new and I thought this was a good way to get to know me a bit better, here’s 50 random facts about me….

  1. I am 27 years old, my birthday is October the 15th
  2. My favourite drink at the moment is iced water with cucumber slices
  3. I live in a market town called Alnwick, in Northumberland
  4. I am going to be moving back to Aberdeen, Scotland after Summer though!
  5. I am a jewellery and print/card designer and sell my work in my online shops and other platforms like and Etsy
  6. I also sell my work in independent shops and galleries in the UK, USA, Australia, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Ibiza, Italy and New Zealand
  7. I work from home in the spare room, it’s great I love it! It’s a bit small but it does the job
  8. The best part on my job is designing new products and coming up with new ideas
  9. The worst part of my job is doing accounts…snore!
  10. My jewellery has been featured on Buzzfeed 4 times woop!
  11. I workout at a Crossfit gym, it’s awesome and I will miss it when I move.
  12. I managed to deadlift 70kg a few weeks back
  13. I don’t really enjoy exercise, I just do it because it’s good for your health and I used to never work out
  14. I try to workout 3 times a week
  15. I have a major sweet tooth and The Hummingbird Bakery oatmeal pancakes are my guilty pleasure
  16. I am a huge Craig David fan, I went to see him when I was 17 in Manchester and it was the best gig ever…I really need to see him again
  17. I have an older brother who is a former Royal Marines Commando and has served in Iraq and Afghanistan
  18. I have a niece, Isla who is 6 and nephew, Alistair who is 7
  19. I have a boyfriend called Andrew, he is my best friend and we have together for around 7 years
  20. He has been in the RAF for the past 3 years
  21. His first posting was in Boulmer so that’s why we moved to Alnwick as it’s close by, but he is now based near Rutland so we are in a long distance relationship
  22. Me and my boyfriend try to get away abroad as much as we can, outside the UK we’ve been to: Venice, Rome, Frankfurt, Thailand (Koh Samui, Bangkok, Chiang Mai) , Turkey (Bodrum) and are booked to go to Berlin in August!
  23. I went to Art School in Aberdeen and graduated with a 2:1 degree in Fine Art
  24. I have worked in Monsoon, Cineworld and also worked as a care worker and cleaner in the past
  25. I enjoy watching trash TV like the Real Housewives of Cheshire and New York
  26. I also love watching youtube vloggers-Viviannadoesmakeup, Lydia Elise Millen, HelloOctoberxo are my favourite.
  27. My favourite place I have visited is Thailand, it’s beautiful, hot, the people are SO friendly and everything is really cheap.
  28. My favourite tourist sight I have visited is the Colosseum in Rome
  29. My favourite Actor is Leonardo DiCaprio of course
  30. My favourite Actress is Glenn Close
  31. The best TV series I have watched is Damages on Netflix
  32. The best documentary I have watched is The Cove and Dear Zachary: A letter to a Son about his Father . Prepare to cry!
  33. I don’t drink alcohol much on a day to day basis, I enjoy it when I go out with friends or for a party though.
  34. I like drinking cocktails, Mai Tai and French Martini’s  are my favourite ones
  35. I want to get a Dachshund so much, I have put my name on a waiting list for the breeder I want, eek.
  36. I love animals: dogs, elephants, pandas, orangutang, sloths, penguins and cockatoos are my favourite
  37. I am a bridesmaid for my best friend’s wedding, she will be getting married in November
  38. I am making her wedding invites
  39. My parents have a pet parrot, an African Grey called Rocco
  40. My favourite flavour of ice cream is salted caramel

Woweeee that was a lot, hope you enjoyed getting to know me a bit better! Feel free to let me know some of facts about you in the comments 🙂

Jade x


This Week I’m Loving…

16th May 2016
New York Stationery Show 2016

(Photo credit:Hello Lucky Cards// Yellow Owl Workshop// Katie Leamon// Blushing Confetti// Fox & Fallow)

1.It’s May which means it’s time for the annual National Stationery Show held in New York (also referred to as NSS). It’s so much fun looking at all the pictures of the trade booths and stationery goodness from across the pond. It’s so inspirational to see what’s going on in the industry right now and I find myself happily scrolling through all the images on Instagram via the hashtag #nss2016.

Pulse 2016

(Photo credits: Paper Moon Illustration// Scout Editions// Ohh Deer// Noodoll// Nikki Strange)

2. Another trade show happening in this week is Pulse, in London! I exhibited here last year, read my experience here. Unfortunately I amn’t exhibiting this year as the dates weren’t right for me, hopefully next year though! It’s fun seeing other designers’ stands and I am forever impressed by the amount of talent out there! Try searching for the hashtag #pulse2016 and #pulselondon on Instagram to see what I am talking about!


Colour Inspiration

3. I’ve had a bit of designer’s block so far this year, after the madness of Christmas and January I felt like I just needed a good break and have only just found my inspiration in designing again! I am only human after all and I’m not always on top form all the time, sometimes you just need a reminder of why you started designing in the first place and I definitely have found my spark again!

I am working on a new greeting card range for S/S 2017, I have been finding inspiration in all the eye-catching summer colours on Pinterest. Have a look at my Colour Inspo board! Totally loving these two bird images (parakeet and pink spoonbill bird) How gorgeous are those colours!?
Hummingbird Bakery Oatmeal pancakes

4. Now onto one of my favourite subjects…FOOD. I am still loving these oatmeal pancakes from the Hummingbird Bakery ‘Life is Sweet’ baking book. These are a serious addiction of mine, I have these pretty much weekly! I add chopped bananas onto them when they are cooking and serve with warm maple syrup…they are my favourite sweet treat of all time!


totally tropical house playlist Spotify

5. To get me in the mood for summer I’ve been loving the Totally Tropical House playlist on Spotify whilst making my jewellery! It reminds me of my amazing holiday to Thailand last Summer, drinking cocktails on the beach in this amazing bar called CoCo Tam’s on the island of Koh Samui…lush!!

What have you been loving recently?

Jade x


This week I’m loving…

12th July 2015
Bookishly Print

1. My new print from Bookishly! Me and my boyfriend Andrew are in the process of revamping our wall art and we came across this amazing book art which features the Shakespeare quote “I like this place and willingly could waste my time in it” which is so very apt for us! It came framed ready to be hung, and it’s quite small and lightweight so it’s perfect for popping on the wall. We will definitely need to get some more as there are so many others I want.

Wild and Free A4 Nature Quote Print

2. Candy Pop blog! Natasha has the loveliest blog ever, a lifestyle blog full of the prettiest pictures. Her most recent post is 10 things to do in Vienna….totally want to jet off to Vienna now, it looks lovely, I have always wanted to go 🙂 She was kind enough to photograph my “Wild and Free” print and share it on her instagram, how lovely, I can never take pretty photographs like she does!


3. The Fall on Netflix. I’ve just started watching this and so far i’m loving it already. It’s a crime thriller set in Belfast about a serial killer who is living a double life as a family man. Here is the plot summary from IMBD:

“A psychological thriller that examines the lives of two hunters. One is a serial killer who stalks his victims in and around Belfast and the other is a talented Detective Superintendent from the MET who is brought in to catch him.”

Pretty riveting stuff so i’m giving it the thumbs up this week.

Wooden Koala Necklace by Ginger Pickle

4. My new koala necklace! Been wearing this little guy everywhere recently, he’s one of my favourites from my new collection as I just ADORE koalas….they’re just insanely cute! My dream is to hug one in Australia *one day*. I watched the BBC program called Natures Miracle Orphans a while back and it is the best show ever!! Baby koalas, sloths, wombats…the best entertainment ever. *so cute*.

McVities chocolate orange digestives

5. Orange Chocolate Digestives. Need I say more?! They’re back guys and if you haven’t tried them yet, get your butts down to the shops and give them a go. They are heaven!!

What are you loving this week?


Jade x


Welcome to my blog// My new cards + free shipping!

21st June 2015
Ginger Pickle inspirational greeting card range


Free Shipping


Hello lovelies, welcome to my brand new blog! Here you will get updates on all the goings on of me and my jewellery and design brand, Ginger Pickle. You will get a sneak peek at behind the scenes in my studio, DIY’s, things which inspire me, lovely things I find on the web, business tips, lifestyle posts and sharing my new products with you all!

So my first post is all to do with my new card range! I’m happy to share with you my brand new greeting card range which are now available to buy in my online shop, I hope you like them! They are all based on inspirational quotes and happy phrases and are all designed by me and are professionally printed in the UK 🌸 🌺💕💛.

To celebrate the launch of my new cards i’m offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders until 30.06.15! Use the code NEWTHINGSYAY at checkout to get your order shipped for free. Woohoo!

Jade x