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Stockist Spotlight: Tayberry Gallery

30th June 2016

Tayberry Gallery Tayberry Gallery Tayberry Gallery Tayberry Gallery Tayberry GalleryGinger Pickle for Tayberry Gallery Tayberry GalleryTayberry GalleryTayberry GalleryHello guys!

I thought I would start a new set of posts on my blog called Stockist Spotlight, where I give a big shout out to some of my stockists that sell Ginger Pickle products. It’s a good way to help promote the small independent business out there and I can’t wait to get started!

I sent off a big parcel of my stock to the lovely people at Tayberry Gallery at the start of the month. They have been stocking my jewellery for a few years now and they’re just brill. I am blown away by the items they sell in their gallery, I have never seen so many unique and well made designs, it’s the perfect place to buy items made by British designers.

So who are Tayberry Gallery….

“Tayberry Gallery sells unique gifts, practical items and quality handmade products for yourself and your home. We are based in Perth, Scotland and everything in the gallery is designed and made in Britain. We show various ever-changing collections of British made art and design. Including jewellery, ceramics, wood, textiles, illustrations, paintings, glass, sculpture, prints, cards and more.

 Many of our artists and designers are Scottish, and locally based. We choose products that are design-led and of high quality. Most, if not all, of our artists and designers have trained at Universities and Colleges to gain their qualifications and are professionals in their chosen crafts.

Tayberry is run by jeweller Sarah Spalding and wood worker Louise Forbes who both graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in 2009.”

If you are in the area or just visiting, make sure you check out Tayberry Gallery!

Tayberry Gallery

19 Princes St,

Perth PH2 8NG


United Kingdom

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The Sale Has Begun!

20th June 2016

A4 Travel Print Quote Wooden Hot Air Balloon RingWooden Hedgehog BroochHello peeps!

I hope you had brilliant weekend, mines was rather lovely. Chilled with the boy on Saturday and headed to a friends house for the most delicious butternut squash and goats cheese risotto, followed by a heavenly slice of vanilla cheesecake with my favourite salted caramel ice cream! All washed down with some lovely white wine. Yum!

Just a quick post today, giving you a little heads up that the  has officially launched, woohoo! Time to grab some great deals. I am selling lots of my own jewellery, cards and prints with 20-40% off!

Have a great Monday!

Jade x


Huge June Beauty Haul + Reviews!

13th June 2016

Beauty Haul ImagneMAC and NYX lipstick swatchesHello guys! I thought I would share some of my beauty purchases I’ve made so far this month, got a few other bits and bobs to show you but for now we will focus on this haul I did at the start of the month!

MAC Lipstick-Lady Danger-Matte

It goes without saying, MAC lipsticks are amazing. This is the first matte one I’ve used from them, I tend to go for their more sheer colours, but this is so impressive, the colour is just so vibrant and a gorgeous coral red, perfect for summer. I use the MAC High Energy lip liner when I wear this to avoid the colour bleeding and it makes it stay in place even longer too. 5/5

Dr Bronner’s Organic Peppermint Lotion

I love Dr Bronner as a brand, their products are certified organic and fair trade and contain no nasty chemicals. This is my first time buying the lotions, and it currently sits at my desk as a hand cream. I love peppermint, it’s so refreshing, the lotion is quite runny so it doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky as it absorbs into the skin really fast. The likes of the ingredients listed near the top are coconut oil, jojoba seed oil, avocado oil so you know it is super friendly for the skin. It’s not the most moisturising hand cream I’ve had, but if you like a cream that doesn’t leave you feeling sticky then this is perfect. You can use it on your body too! 3/5

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Bronzing Powder

I was on the hunt for a matte bronzer, a lot of the one’s I’ve used in the past, like NARS Laguna have shimmer in them, so not ideal for everyday use. I saw this and to be honest the sales assistant kind of made my buy it, bit of a pressure buy there, but it worked out good in the end! It’s so good, it’s really pigmented and glides on so easily and leaves the most gorgeous colour on your skin. It comes with a little contour brush on the inside as well and a mirror so that is super handy. The only negative is that it’s quite large so it’s not something I would carry around in my handbag. 5/5

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser SPF 20- in the colour Natural

I quite enjoy using this just for day to day use, it’s got an SPF in it so that’s a nice added bonus as I am a bit lazy with SPF when it’s not super sunny (you should always wear SPF even on cloudy days apparently). With regards to coverage, it requires a lot of product to really even notice much difference, it’s definitely only very slight coverage, and doesn’t cover redness or anything, so for the price it’s not exactly the greatest.It does go on really nicely and smoothly and last quite well on the skin, however due to the lack of coverage, I tend to go for the concealer after I’ve used it… I kind of wish I bought the more higher coverage oil-free tinted moisturiser . Ah well, you live and learn!  2/5

Bondi Sands Gradual Tan Lotion

I bought this in Boots with a 3 for 2 offer so I bought two of the self tan oils and this was free, woop! I tend to use this only on my face, it leaves a really natural sun kissed colour. I have been popping this on every other night before bed to gradually develop the colour.  It smells lush and the bottle is massive so great value for money! 3/5

Bondi Sands Self Tan Liquid Gold

I used this for a night out I had on Saturday, and was so impressed! I exfoliated with the Soap & Glory exfoliating gloves and made sure to target my elbows and knees as that’s where I get dry patches. I then moisturised my skin with the peppermint oil lotion, waited for it to fully sink into my skin, then spritzed the lotion on my body, starting with my ankles and buffed it into the skin with a self tan mitt . I avoided my knees and elbows and only used the remainder of the oil that was on the mitt to cover them very lightly. This self tan requires a VERY light hand. I hardly used any of the product and the colour was really intense (in a good way!). It looked so natural, but it would be easy to get it wrong as it does work pretty much immediately and develops in a couple of hours fully. 3/5

Dr Bronner’s Organic Citrus Castille Liquid Soap

This is the only shower gel I really use now! I have tried the hemp green tea one and loved that so thought it would be nice to try a different scent. This citrus one, smells SO good. It’s perfect for the morning, it’s a really sweet citrus, not sickly at all, I was a bit scared it would smell like a bathroom cleaning product but not at all. It uses natural orange, lemon and lime oils so it’s really natural smelling and it moisturises the skin as the second ingredient is coconut oil. So much love for Dr Bronner! 5/5

MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil-High Energy

This is the perfect match for Mac’s Lady Danger, and as it is a pro longwear product it literally lasts hours. You can eat and drink and it will still be on your lips, so you can wear your bright red lipstick without the fear of it smudging all over the place if you pop this all over your lips before hand! 5/5

NYX Slide On Lip Pencil- Bedrose

I love this lip colour, it’s a really romantic pink, and the consistency of these pencils are fab. They glide on so smoothly and are so soft. Nothing worse than a sore lip pencil that is rock solid. This is the opposite, and for the price it’s perfect. I will be getting more shades that’s for sure! Although it’s waterproof, I wouldn’t say it lasts as long as the MAC pro longwear pencils, but it’s 1/3 of the price and still amazing so you can’t complain! 4/5

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream-Stockholm

I am in love with this shade, I originally saw it on ViviannaDoesMakeup Youtube channel and thought I need to try this. It’s so soft and really nice to apply, I will be wearing this as my go to everyday shade as it looks really natural on the lips. The colour lasts pretty long too which is a plus! 4/5

NYX Butter Gloss-Creme Brûlée 

Wow, this is so good! I love the smell of this lipgloss, it’s smells exactly like it sounds, buttery and sweet! I love popping this on top of my Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect lipstick . It’s a gorgeous colour and again the quality is so good for the price. It’s not too sticky, just nice and soft on the lips which is what I prefer in a lip gloss. 4/5

What have you been buying this month? Have you tried any of these products? I would love to know your thoughts on them 🙂

Jade x


40 Facts About Me

8th June 2016


40 Facts About MeHey lovelies, so my blog is quite new and I thought this was a good way to get to know me a bit better, here’s 50 random facts about me….

  1. I am 27 years old, my birthday is October the 15th
  2. My favourite drink at the moment is iced water with cucumber slices
  3. I live in a market town called Alnwick, in Northumberland
  4. I am going to be moving back to Aberdeen, Scotland after Summer though!
  5. I am a jewellery and print/card designer and sell my work in my online shops and other platforms like and Etsy
  6. I also sell my work in independent shops and galleries in the UK, USA, Australia, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Ibiza, Italy and New Zealand
  7. I work from home in the spare room, it’s great I love it! It’s a bit small but it does the job
  8. The best part on my job is designing new products and coming up with new ideas
  9. The worst part of my job is doing accounts…snore!
  10. My jewellery has been featured on Buzzfeed 4 times woop!
  11. I workout at a Crossfit gym, it’s awesome and I will miss it when I move.
  12. I managed to deadlift 70kg a few weeks back
  13. I don’t really enjoy exercise, I just do it because it’s good for your health and I used to never work out
  14. I try to workout 3 times a week
  15. I have a major sweet tooth and The Hummingbird Bakery oatmeal pancakes are my guilty pleasure
  16. I am a huge Craig David fan, I went to see him when I was 17 in Manchester and it was the best gig ever…I really need to see him again
  17. I have an older brother who is a former Royal Marines Commando and has served in Iraq and Afghanistan
  18. I have a niece, Isla who is 6 and nephew, Alistair who is 7
  19. I have a boyfriend called Andrew, he is my best friend and we have together for around 7 years
  20. He has been in the RAF for the past 3 years
  21. His first posting was in Boulmer so that’s why we moved to Alnwick as it’s close by, but he is now based near Rutland so we are in a long distance relationship
  22. Me and my boyfriend try to get away abroad as much as we can, outside the UK we’ve been to: Venice, Rome, Frankfurt, Thailand (Koh Samui, Bangkok, Chiang Mai) , Turkey (Bodrum) and are booked to go to Berlin in August!
  23. I went to Art School in Aberdeen and graduated with a 2:1 degree in Fine Art
  24. I have worked in Monsoon, Cineworld and also worked as a care worker and cleaner in the past
  25. I enjoy watching trash TV like the Real Housewives of Cheshire and New York
  26. I also love watching youtube vloggers-Viviannadoesmakeup, Lydia Elise Millen, HelloOctoberxo are my favourite.
  27. My favourite place I have visited is Thailand, it’s beautiful, hot, the people are SO friendly and everything is really cheap.
  28. My favourite tourist sight I have visited is the Colosseum in Rome
  29. My favourite Actor is Leonardo DiCaprio of course
  30. My favourite Actress is Glenn Close
  31. The best TV series I have watched is Damages on Netflix
  32. The best documentary I have watched is The Cove and Dear Zachary: A letter to a Son about his Father . Prepare to cry!
  33. I don’t drink alcohol much on a day to day basis, I enjoy it when I go out with friends or for a party though.
  34. I like drinking cocktails, Mai Tai and French Martini’s  are my favourite ones
  35. I want to get a Dachshund so much, I have put my name on a waiting list for the breeder I want, eek.
  36. I love animals: dogs, elephants, pandas, orangutang, sloths, penguins and cockatoos are my favourite
  37. I am a bridesmaid for my best friend’s wedding, she will be getting married in November
  38. I am making her wedding invites
  39. My parents have a pet parrot, an African Grey called Rocco
  40. My favourite flavour of ice cream is salted caramel

Woweeee that was a lot, hope you enjoyed getting to know me a bit better! Feel free to let me know some of facts about you in the comments 🙂

Jade x


Wild About…Pretty Pastels!

25th May 2016

Wild About...Pretty Pastels!

Now that Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner, I am loving all the pretty pastels a.k.a ice cream colours that are flooding the Satrosphere, I can’t get enough of them! Here are my favourites, that just ooze pretty pastely-ness!

1. Babe Magnet Phone Case for Apple iPhone 6/6S-Skinnydip

2. Cinematype 2 Print-Tom Pigeon

3. Drive in Movies Enamel Pin-Fairycakes

4. Always Time For Tea Mug-JillyJilly

5. Task Lap-Swedish Green-Howkapow

6. Geometric Pink Blush Notebook-SketchInk

7.Happy With You Anniversary Card-Ginger Pickle

Are you in love with pastels just as much as I am?

Jade x

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This Week I’m Loving…

16th May 2016

1.It’s May which means it’s time for the annual National Stationery Show held in New York (also referred to as NSS). It’s so much fun looking at all the pictures of the trade booths and stationery goodness from across the pond. It’s so inspirational to see what’s going on in the industry right now and I find myself happily scrolling through all the images on Instagram via the hashtag #nss2016. Some of the images that tickle my fancy are shown below.New York Stationery Show 2016(Photo credit:Hello Lucky Cards// Yellow Owl Workshop// Katie Leamon// Blushing Confetti// Fox & Fallow)

2. Another trade show happening in this week is Pulse, in London! I exhibited here last year, read my experience here. Unfortunately I amn’t exhibiting this year as the dates weren’t right for me, hopefully next year though! It’s fun seeing other designers’ stands and I am forever impressed by the amount of talent out there! Try searching for the hashtag #pulse2016 and #pulselondon on Instagram to see what I am talking about! Here are some of my favourite pictures:

Pulse 2016

(Photo credits: Paper Moon Illustration// Scout Editions// Ohh Deer// Noodoll// Nikki Strange)

3. I’ve had a bit of designer’s block so far this year, after the madness of Christmas and January I felt like I just needed a good break and have only just found my inspiration in designing again! I am only human after all and I’m not always on top form all the time, sometimes you just need a reminder of why you started designing in the first place and I definitely have found my spark again!

I am working on a new greeting card range for S/S 2017, I have been finding inspiration in all the eye-catching summer colours on Pinterest. Have a look at my Colour Inspo board! Totally loving these two bird images (parakeet and pink spoonbill bird) How gorgeous are those colours!?

Colour Inspiration

4. Now onto one of my favourite subjects…FOOD. I am still loving these oatmeal pancakes from the Hummingbird Bakery ‘Life is Sweet’ baking book. These are a serious addiction of mine, I have these pretty much weekly! I add chopped bananas onto them when they are cooking and serve with warm maple syrup…they are my favourite sweet treat of all time! Hummingbird Bakery Oatmeal pancakes


5. To get me in the mood for summer I’ve been loving the Totally Tropical House playlist on Spotify whilst making my jewellery! It reminds me of my amazing holiday to Thailand last Summer, drinking cocktails on the beach in this amazing bar called CoCo Tam’s on the island of Koh Samui…lush!!

totally tropical house playlist Spotify


What have you been loving recently?

Jade x

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My trade show experience at Pulse 2015

27th July 2015

Pulse trade show London 2015Back in May I exhibited at Pulse, at Olympia London, for the first time. I was in the Launchpad section and I had a big 3×2 meter booth to play with!

It was only my second ever trade show, I had exhibited at Top Drawer back in September 2014 in the ‘Spotted’ section where I had a little plinth to display my products on (see picture). I got a box made to sit on top of the plinth. It had four sides separate sides which all fitted together with bolts so it fitted in the car nicely and a little hidden compartment to store my catalogues and bag inside the box! It worked out pretty well but I was excited to have a much bigger space to play around with for Pulse!

Top Drawer trade show London

So this time it felt more like a trade show with a huge space to fill with walls and your own floor! It took a few months of prep; lots of scribbles of potential set ups, hours of trawling through Pinterest in search for some inspiration, periods of panic where I thought how on earth I am going to fill a whole booth and display my jewellery, cards and prints… but it all eventually came together, thankfully! I got a lot of the display stuff from IKEA and Ebay and I made a lot of the wooden signage myself. I also made use of my local timber business to make me those mini shelves  for my earrings and cards which didn’t cost hardly anything at all. I was totally in love with the grey diamond rug which was from Urban Outftters which isn’t on sale anymore but they have some amazing ones!

Pulse Trade Show London 2015

My parents drove down from Scotland to Alnwick where I live in order to help me out for the trade show (which was SUPER kind of them!). They stayed the night and we then squeezed all the boxes and bags into the car (it just about fit) and then we drove down early morning to set up. We had two days to set up which was real handy, so we arrived at Pulse on Friday 8th May at around 3pm, the venue was only open until 6pm that evening so we only had time to unload and get the self adhesive wooden flooring down. The next day we arrived early and started the proper set up, we had until 10pm that evening to set up. All in all it took us 12 hours to set up, my parents where a big help, I definitely couldn’t have done it alone!

And then a few finishing touches on the Sunday before the doors opened to the public, including some fresh flowers and sweeties, cleaning up the floor and straightening the catalogues and we where ready!

Pulse London Trade Show 2015

The first day was the busiest of the 3 days it was open, but overall it wasn’t a massively busy show compared to how busy Top Drawer was for me in September. I gathered it was because it was quite early on in the year, just after the financial tax year and so close to Summer. I had a gut feeling it wouldn’t be as good a show as Top Drawer, but I decided it was worth trying out at least once.  Thankfully despite this fact, I did get a few orders from many lovely independent shops from all over the UK and an order from the department store, Fenwick! My products are sold in the Canterbury store which is really exciting!

It was lovely to meet some of my current stockists as well!  Including Erica from Pippin, Elaine from Junction Arts, Sally from Mrs Robinson’s Store and Miles and Kate from Curiouser and Curiouser.

I had some great neighbours too, Anna from Anna Wiscombe and Paul from Uberstar…and the girls from Ark. During the quieter periods we would just blether away and share our stories, it was fab!

Overall, I am happy that I went to Pulse, but I don’t think I will go back anytime soon. I’ll be writing a post about my top trade show tips as well so keep an eye out for that where I will be going into more depth.

Have you ever been to Pulse? What has been your trade show experience?

Jade x